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Shrek and Donkey Decode Tech: A Tale of Communicative Capitalism

Published on November 12, 2023

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Shrek: “Hey, it’s Shrek here. You know, the ogre who prefers the quiet life. But there’s something noisy I need to talk about – technology in our world.”

Donkey: “And I’m Donkey! I’m all ears, especially when it comes to chatting about gadgets and whatnot. So let’s dive in!”

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Shrek: “You see, these devices and doohickeys, they’re more than they seem. They’re part of what Jodi Dean calls ‘communicative capitalism’ in her book, Blog Theory. It’s like when I try to have a peaceful day, but end up in a whirlwind of adventure.”

Donkey: “Yeah! It’s like everyone’s talking and texting and blogging. But instead of just chatting, we’re all caught up in this big web of… what did you call it? Oh right, ‘intensive networks’ of fun, work, and someone always watching.”

Shrek: “That’s the crux of it, Donkey. It’s not just about the message anymore; it’s about constantly contributing to the noise. Like throwing more and more ingredients into the pot, but not really caring what the stew tastes like.

Donkey: “And don’t forget how all this tweeting and blogging can sometimes drown out the important stuff. Like, if I see something worrying online, it’s hard to step in and do something. There’s just so much going on!”

Shrek: “Exactly. It’s like when we’re on an adventure. Sometimes, the loudest noise gets all the attention, while the little whispers get lost in the shuffle.”

Donkey: “Speaking of adventures, remember how we sometimes feel like pawns in a bigger game? That’s like us in this digital kingdom. We’re playing along, but who’s really in control?”

Shrek: “That’s the million-dollar question, Donkey. We need to start thinking about how we can make this digital world fairer. Not just for the few who sit in their high towers but for everyone, down here in the mud.”

Donkey: “I’m all for that! Let’s mix up this potion and make sure it’s got the right ingredients for everyone. More talking, more listening, and more doing good stuff together!”

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Shrek: “Our journey’s taught us something important. We’ve got the power to shape the path we’re on, technology included. It’s up to us to use it wisely.”

Donkey: “That’s right! So let’s get out there, make some noise, and turn this digital swamp into a fairytale kingdom for all!”

Shrek: “And remember, a little bit of fairytale can bring some real magic to our world.” 💚